Saturday, March 7, 2009

French Dip Sandwich

This dinner is such an easy one!!!! All you do is put a roast with all your favorite seasonings (mine are Beef Bouillon granules, Ground Pepper, and Garlic Salt) and water to cover about half of roast so you have a lot of Au Jus (dipping juice) to dip the sandwich in. Start to cook in the crock pot when you wake up in the morning and by dinnertime your meat will be so tender and falling apart that it will be perfect for French Dip Sandwiches! When you are ready to eat, cut your bread and put a slice of Provolone Cheese and toast lightly in you toaster oven or oven, put however much meat you like in the sandwich, serve hot with the dipping juice straight from the crock pot, remember the Horseradish sauce , and your favorite potato chips!!!!! Mmmm! SOOO good and SOOOO Easy!!!!!!


SylviaBielefeldt said...

Your picture looks so professional and the sandwich looks delicious! Do you just do a pulled beef or do you cut it in strips? mmmmm....think I'll try this soon, maybe for Dad's birthday on Monday.

Hanne said...

It's just pulled Beef. It makes it so easy!

Anonymous said...

this picture has me drooling!