Sunday, October 25, 2009

Peach Syrup

When My family came to visit a few weeks ago, my Mom brought some of her amazing home canned peaches. They were so good. We ate them up in just a couple of days, but were left with a jar of light syrup. When I made pancakes for breakfast I was sad that the peaches were all gone, and then I wondered what the pancakes would taste like with the peach syrup. Wow! I put a little butter and poured on the peach syrup (and got a little carried away). It was Sooooo good! Thanks Mom!!! Now I need your recipe for your canned peaches!

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Beth said...

Yummy! My kids love this too. Now when are you going to post the pumpkin muffins?? They were soooo good and I've been dying to bake them!