Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Donuts

I woke up this morning and felt inspired to make donuts! I wanted to try a new recipe and found this one.
(I love the detailed step by step photo instructions)


Hanne said...

I have to admit that after I took this photo and posted it, we ate the donuts and didn't like the flavor.I think it is my fault though and not the recipe. The food coloring in the red frosting didn't taste good and in the donut dough it called for a baked potato(they used a russett potato/ I used a golden yukon potato) Hmmmm. Anyway, maybe you will have better luck. If you have a really great donut recipe, send me a link! I'm dying for great homemade donuts!
In the future I promise to taste before I post!

Anonymous said...
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