Friday, December 18, 2009

Will I Post before Christmas?

T'was the week before Christmas and all through this Blog, not a Post was updated not even a ________. (couldn't think of a good word that rhymes with Blog that fit the line, can you?)

I have to Apologize for not posting! I just keep staring at my last post of biscuits and gravy and thinking "that looks gross"!!! It must take a skilled photographer to make gray food look appetizing! I promise the biscuits and gravy tastes GREAT! By the way: Leave comments!!! (Even if it's just to say "hi") I have tons of great posts in the making, So check back soon!
I love you all! Thanks for listening! (Aren't those felt trees so adorable? I found that photo online)
By the way have you seen Julie and Julia??? So inspiring!

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Sallybee said...

Hi - We watched Julie and Julia a few days ago and I've created a different menu for supper every night since - lots of fun! Love you all, Mom