Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Square Crinkle Toy

I sewed this simple baby tag toy, using a tutorial from Joy's Hope! Her tag toy is perfect and so cute! I love this one I made, but I made the ribbon tags a little too long.

Katherine loves playing with it

I used little girl sweats for the material, a babywipes package for the crinkle, and some cordinating ribbon I had on hand.

                                              She REALLY loves it!

up close, I made a few mistakes, oops!

Here it is connected to her plastic ring toys


Beth said...

Adorable! What a great idea Hanne!!! These would make such easy and really cute baby gifts - and so perfect made out of repurposed clothes. I love it!

Catpad said...

mistakes?? where?

it looks perfect

Sallybee said...

Well how precious is that baby and how creative is that toy! So adorable all.

Anonymous said...

how cute Hanne! what a great way to 'upcycle' those outcrown clothes :)